Jüce Remodel Project


With the pandemic changing everyone’s lives, including mine, it was time to take on a completely new project and learn a new set of skills. From moving doorways and walls to installing lighting and cabinetry, this project never stopped humbling me. However, I think you’ll agree: not bad for my first try.












The Problem

Simply put, take 600 square feet of total space—three bedrooms and a bathroom—and turn it into a fully functional apartment. Oh, and learn all of the tools and skills to execute a full remodel.

The Solution

The first thing NOT to do is start running around with a sledgehammer. The key to a remodel, like every project, is to step back and review every aspect of the problem. Through thoughtful inspection of the existing structure and some creative dreaming, we were able to reconfigure some walls and plumbing, completely redesign the lighting, and add high-value finishes to transform wasted space into an income-generating property.

The Results

This is one place where words will never do the project justice. Take a look at the pictures, and you can see how some sketches took an idea from dream to reality.

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