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Brand Identity

Competing for talent is a problem every business faces, including medical groups like Kaiser. In an effort attract the best medical students, KP developed a unique, integrated clerkship program. As part of their communications effort to both prospective talent and internal stakeholders, KP wanted to brand their new program.


Identity Creation


Branding Education

The Problem

With a name and initial identity concept already approved, the medical lead for the KLIC program wanted a professional’s take on branding. The KLIC branding needed to communicate Kaiser branding, showcase the concept of a light bulb (KLIC -> click the light on), and be extendible as the program grew across the region and potentially the country. The branding needed to clearly identify the KLIC team on uniforms and communications, while also being clearly differentiated from competing medical groups.

The Solution

Simplicity and authenticity were the key to a good design. By implementing a strong Master Brand strategy with the launch of the program, Kaiser KLICs could build momentum around Kaiser Permanente becoming the most attractive destination for talented medical students, while offering each sub-region to have a differentiated logo to uniquely identify their teams.

The Results

By crossing the light bulb with Kaiser Permanente’s three foundations symbol, we created something uniquely Kaiser while staying within the brief. Additionally, the base of the bulb was transformed into the simplified form of the caduceus—the recognizable medical symbol of two snakes and staff—as a nod to great medical care serving as the foundation for the program.

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