Kaiser Permanente:
Patient Experience

With a brand-new medical building coming online, Kaiser Permanente continued to transition away from “lowest-cost” healthcare option to “best-care” option. With all the focus on delivering outstanding care, the company needed an outside voice to show it how to get patients confidently to the best care


Consumer Journey Mapping


User Interface Design


Physical Wayfinding Improvements


Exterior Signage

The Problem

With the launch of Kaiser’s newest medical campus, patients were forced to visit a completely new and redeveloped part of San Francisco with very little information on how to find their doctor. From finding the building, to entering the building and finding the right floor, Kaiser was trying to use Band-Aids to fix a compound fracture of a problem.

The Solution

Doctors and administrators needed to SEE the problems through their patients’ eyes. Starting with consumer journey mapping, I was able to illustrate the need for improved exterior signage, enhancements to the UX of digital kiosks that were being staffed due to a lack of usability, and additions of wayfinding aids. The recommendations were premised on instilling confidence before patient visits instead of exacerbating the sense of nervousness and fear of the unknown.

The Results

Without a measurable baseline, patient experience effects were more subjective. However, because the project helped doctors and administrators view their campus through the lens of a patient, Kaiser jumped on its recommendations.

Improved Exterior and Interior Wayfinding Added

Digital Kiosk Interfaces Were Redesigned with a Patient Focus

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