Lands’ End:
Improving Loyalty

Expanding from engineering into marketing, I found out how valuable engineering principles are across disciplines. Simplicity and smooth integrations are the key to improving the customer’s average order value (AOV) while reducing customer churn.


Consumer Journey Mapping


Data Analytics

The Problem

Over the prior year, Lands’ End Business Outfitters had been experiencing reduced average order values and increased customer churn. With the launch of a new CRM tool and major investments in its e-commerce presence, Lands’ End assumed that there was a communications issue somewhere in the purchasing process.

The Solution

Unconvinced that more communications would solve the problem, I started my customer journey mapping by playing mystery shopper. The customer journey mapping uncovered plenty of communications from Lands’ End—however, it also showed that the company expected its customers to do a lot of heavy lifting. Comparing unwatched marketing analytics with historical sales data proved definitely that Lands’ End was costing itself millions by making the customer experience too challenging.

The Results

By analyzing marketing and sales data, I identified $40M in lost sales due to the complications introduced with the new CRM implementation. After I presented my findings and recommendation that Lands’ End focus on simplifying the customer experience, the executive board opted to make it their strategic focus for the upcoming fiscal year.

$ Million Opportunity Identified

New Corporate Initiative Launched

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